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18th Century Fashion Screensavers for NOOK Simple Touch

I'm an avid reader of historical romances and decided it was time to create some fun screensavers
for my NOOK Simple Touch that reflected my love of vintage fashion plates.
(What is a NOOK? - NOOK is an electronic reader made by Barnes & Noble, so instead of purchasing a paperback you purchase a downloadable book file and read it on this portable device.  NOOK readers can be seen HERE.
I know there are all kinds of e-readers out there and many of them will allow you to add in customized screensavers and wallpapers to your device.  I personally own a NOOK Simple Touch which is a black and white reader and requires screensavers to be grayscale images saved at 600x800 pixels.

When I was creating my blog artwork pieces this month; I kept all this in mind so I could also 
have a series of 18th Century "Georgian Era" inspired screensavers for my NOOK.
I read every day and get a real kick out of seeing these images on a daily basis.

I hope some of you can use these on your NOOK Simple Touch as well or that the idea
inspires you to create some fun screensavers of your own for whatever e-reader you own.

One of my digital  creations as a screensaver on my NOOK simple touch

These are the 6 EKDuncan digital images I currently have running in
rotation as screensavers on my NOOK Simple Touch e-reader.

There are various web instructions on how to create and install screensaver/wallpaper
images onto the NOOK Simple Touch and other e-readers.

The instructions I used came from the Barnes and Noble site - HERE

from the B&N section - "Beyond eBooks" 
              Question #6 - Can I customize the screensavers on NOOK Simple Touch?
Answer: Yes. Your NOOK Simple Touch lets you save your personal digital photos
                              as screensavers. Just connect your NOOK Simple Touch to your computer 
                              using the provided microUSB cable. Create and name a sub-folder within the  
                              Screensavers folder found in the NOOK Simple Touch directory. 
                              Then drag-and-drop your pictures into the sub-folder you created. 
                              Once your photos are in the new folder, (eject your Nook from the computer;
                              then from your Nook) go to  Settings --> Screen --> Screensaver
and then select your new folder.

For best results:
Include a few images in your (new screensaver) subfolder as NOOK Simple Touch will 
cycle through the folder using a new image each time the device goes into sleep mode.

Images should be in Portrait orientation. Crop your images to 600 x 800 pixels.
Save the images as PNG (*.png) or JPEG (*.jpg) files.
Images should be optimized for viewing in 16-level grayscale.


I found the above instructions from the B&N site easy to follow and have had fun
creating customized screensavers that have a romantic "Georgian" feel to them.

The files I have posted  below are already correctly sized and in the proper grayscale mode 
to use as screensavers on the  NOOK Simple Touch by Barnes & Noble. 
Just save them to your computer - create your new "Georgian" Screensaver file on the e-device via connection with your computer - drop the images into that new folder; then eject your NOOK from your computer. 
From you NOOK go to Settings - Screen - Screensaver - and select the new "Georgian" 
screensaver folder you created that contains these new images.


 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #1
 Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #2
 Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #3
 Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #4
Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #5
Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

 NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver #6
Based on original color artwork as seen HERE


Here are two more of my creations that can be used as screensavers 
on the NOOK Simple Touch e-reader.

NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver - bonus 1
 Based on original color artwork as seen HERE

NOOK Simple Touch B&W Georgian Screensaver - bonus 2
Based on original color artwork as seen HERE


I've spent the past few months posting vintage French Fashion Plates from the time of Marie Antoinette mainly from the 1770's and 1780's. This same time period in England would have been refered to as "Georgian" so, since most of the Romances I read take place in England; I've dubbed these images as from the "Georgian Era".

Most of the historical romances I read take place during the "Regency Period", which is roughly the 1800 - 1830 portion within the Georgian Era; however I've also have a small collection of romances from the earlier time period of 1730 - 1790 and would like to share those titles with you now since this is a post about my NOOK and the fashions from the 1700's.

I've found the following romances to be highly enjoyable. Several I've read multiple times
and will continue to re-read them time and again so I hope you give them a try too.

I recommend the following Georgian Era Romance Novels

The Maiden Lane Series by Elizabeth Hoyt
this series takes place in England in the 1730's and is the newest Elizabeth Hoyt Series

(book 4 is coming July  2012 and I can't wait to read it)  

Legend of the Four Soldiers Series by Elizabeth Hoyt
 takes place in England in the 1760's

 To Taste Temptation - Book 1
(Book 4 was my favorite and it concludes the mystery
 that is woven through the entire series.)

The Prince Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt
takes place in England in the 1760's
This was the very first Elizabeth Hoyt Series and I was hooked on her 
books after reading "The Raven Prince".

The Raven Prince - Book 1
The Ice Princess - a Novella tied to the series
(The Raven Prince is still my very favorite Elizabeth Hoyt book to date) 

The Desperate Duchess Series by Eloisa James
these take place in England in the 1780's

Desperate Duchess - Book 1
An Affair Before Christmas - Book 2
Duchess by Night - Book 3
When the Duke Returns - Book 4
This Duchess of Mine - Book 5
A Duke of Her Own - Book 6
(This Georgian series is great and her Regency Era and the Fairytale Series are also very enjoyable reads.  I love how her books usually have 2 story lines in them at the same time and how interactive all her characters are from one book to the other in a series.)

A few years ago Eloisa James had a Design a Duchess contest to go along with this series. You were to download a special paper doll template, design a costume for her and submit your entry. I did not come close to winning however I had fun creating my beauty and here she is.
(Oh, Eloisa James was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of a
Duchess book as a consolation prize so that was a very special treat.)

This was my entry in the Design a Duchess contest by Eloisa James several years ago.
 The winning doll and runners up along with the original doll template can be found on her web site in the special Registered Readers section, so sigh up, take a look and create a doll of your own.

Go to  and sign up to be a registered reader to gain access
to the "special pages".  Then you can select Extras - Design a Duchess Paper Doll
to get to that section.  There is also a lot of other cool things to see so I hope you give it a go.

The Pleasure Trilogy - by Eloisa James
The first book in this series takes opens in 1798

Potent Pleasures - Book 1
Midnight Pleasures - Book 2
Enchanting Pleasures - Book 3
(The first book opens in  1798 but the majority of the series happens in the early 1800's)
 So this would be a transitional Georgian/Regency Series and a very good read.

It's been a years since I've read this series but I still remember the premise of
each book and I'm now stirred up to read them again.

The Promise in a Kiss by Stephanie Laurens
This book is actually the Prequel to the Cynster Series
(I have this on in paperback, ebook as well audio book)

 The Prologue takes place in 1776 and then Jumps forward to 1783.
(It is the story or the Parents of the current Duke from the first book in the
Cynster series "The Devil's Bride" which takes place much later in 1818)

I love all the early Cynster books and can highly recommend This book;
along withthe first 7 books in the Cynster series.
(that would be the original older cousins and then their the story of their nemesis)

The Devil's Bride (Cynster #1) is one of my all time favorite books
and I've read it a number of times.
I also have it as an ebook and audio book. - That's how much I Love it.

I've read other books in the Cynster series but it's the books from the beginning of the series
that in my opinion are the best and ones that I've chosen to read over and over again.

Adam's Promise by Julianne Maclean
this book takes place in 1775 and crosses the ocean to Colonial Nova Scotia

This one is a smaller Harlequin Historical from 2003 and another of my all time favorite reads.
It's a heart wrenching story that grabs me every time I pick it up. It's been out of print a long time but I was fortunate enough to pick it up at a second hand book store years ago.

Now that it's  available as a NOOK book and I will probably be buying it
once I save up some "Nookie Money" - Grins.


I've got a few more Georgian Era romances on my "to be read shelf" so
I do not yet know how good they are yet.

Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have read any of them and what you think.

Georgian Era Romances - On my To Be Read Shelf

Kalen Huges - Georgian Series
"Lord Sin" (takes place in 1788)
"Lord Scandal" (tales place in 1789)
Something Wicked (takes place in 1782) Free e-short Story
I really enjoyed "Something Wicked" it was an entertaining "quicky"

Sylvia Day - Georgian Series
Ask for It - Georgian I
Passion for the Game - Georgian II
A Passion for Him - Georgian III
Don't Tempt Me - Georgian IV

Lucinda Brant - Georgian Romance and Crimance
Salt Bride - Prologue 1759 / Chapter One 1763
(This is a limited time ebook download freebie - so get it while you can)

Happy Reading everyone!

I'll be back with more artwork and Fashion Plates later in the week

Till then...


  1. Hello,

    Original post!!! I love the images in shades of gray, it makes me think of the Jacquard loom embroideries.

    Many thanks!

    1. Thanks Sylvie - I spend so much time and effort into creating my digital artpieces that I'm thrilled when I find a way to actually use them. I love seeing them on my NOOK everyday and am sure I will continue to make more of them in the future.


  2. Hello Evelyn!
    I've posted a strange piece today using your work! :)
    Bravo for your last entry!
    What's the meaning of NOOK in that way?
    The nook where you're used to work & your "secret garden"?

    1. I love your new post with the three Regency ladies Sim -

      Sorry if the word NOOK caused confusion. Here in the USA there is an electronic book reading device called a NOOK and it's that device I use to read novels on that I've put my black and white screensavers on. The NOOK is made by Barnes & Noble and can be seen on their website at this address

      I hope that makes more sense for the international readers of my blog.


  3. Hi,
    I've saved your creative art to use on my Nook. Thanks so much. And no, I won't take off your signature. Thanks again. xx

    1. Hi Ren Rigues - I hope you enjoy having them on your Nook.


  4. Hello, would you make a tutorial of how you did the screensavers?

    1. Hey Judith - Thanks for your interest to learn more about this process. Basically I just created some digital artwork pieces in Photoshop, grey-scaled it, changed the size and uploaded it to my reader.

      There are a variety of creation and editing software programs and so many ways to create artwork digitally that the sky is the limit. I've got several Photoshop Tutorials on my blog and one of them at may give you some ideas on the "layering" process I use to create my digital art scenes.

      There are soooo many different e-readers on the market that, depending on if you have a B&W Simple Touch NOOK like I do or one of the many colorized versions out there, you would need to check the specifics for whatever model you wish to upload images before beginning. And honestly once you find out the sizing you need and if you want grey-scale or color images, it's just a question of creating your own artwork using whatever method you choose and then uploading the final image to your reader based on how your specific reader says that should be done.

      The artwork I originally created was in color (see the links next to each image to visit the pages showing the original artwork). I converted the originals to grey-scale and re-sized them in Photoshop to fit my reader. Then I uploaded and activated them as my current screensaver based on information I found on the web for my reader.

      I hope this helps you out some and good luck on creating your own images as e-reader backgrounds.