Wednesday, October 6, 2010

British Queens - More Great Vintage Image Finds

Here are some more great vintage image finds from my collection.
British Queens.

  Eleanor of Provence - Queen of Henry III of England

 Elizabeth of York - Queen to Henry the VII of England

 Eleanor of Castile - Queen of Edward I of England

Margaret of Anjou - Queen of Henry VI of England

 Mary the First - Only Daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
She was Queen of England from 1553-1558 - "Bloody Mary"

Anne of Denmark - Queen of James I of England

 Philippa of Hainault - Queen of Edward III of England

 Marguerite of France - 2nd Wife of King Edward I of England

Caroline of Ansbach - Queen Consort of King George II of England

 Anne of Warwick - Queen Consort of King Richard the III of England

Katherine of Valois - Queen of Henry V of England

 Joanna of Navarre - Queen of Henry IV of England

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