Sunday, August 29, 2010

Steampunk - My Latest Interest

Well I'm always on the hunt for something fun to catch my interest and a few months ago I noticed one of my favorite stamp companies had a line of Steampunk rubber stamps.  I scratched my head and took a look but did not really understand what this Steampunk stuff was?  The stamps were interesting - wheels, cogs, airships, Victoriana and things like that.

Steampunk inspired card by Joanne Wardle using Scrolls Work Stamps 
from the Steampunk line.

Then a few weeks later I was at the book store to add to my ever growing collection of historical romance novels, when I came across a novel by Katie MacAlister called STEAMED - A Steampunk Romance.  OK, this got my interest up since there was that Steampunk word again.  Well, I liked the books I had read by her before, so I bought it and stuck it on my shelf.

For several weeks the word Steampunk has been going through my head and little by little I've been playing on the web trying to figure out what it's all about.  I've become entranced by this genre partly by the retro aspect and also by the imagination and creativity these Steampunk fans put into their art.  I would not be surprised if this trend hit in a big way very soon.  

Steampunk Paper Doll Man - By Wanda Stivison

Steampunk? What is that you might ask?
Well, there seem to be various versions of what it is or could be. The way I look at it is, that modern technology goes back in time to steam powered Victorian England.  The clothes, the architecture, design elements, and customs of Victorian England but with major technological advancements; however these contraptions are steam driven or mechanical just as they would have been in Victorian times.  Now mind you - Steampunk is a fictional world, so there are lots of ways people can interpret what this world would be like and all the better; since that gives me license to create Steampunk art the way I see it. 

I love the ornateness of the artifacts, the hats, frock coats, vintage glasses, goggles, pocket watches and yes, the corsets. (which many wear on the outside where they can be seen).  Steampunk is just a fun concept and I can see why so many people want to play in this fictional world.


Here are some great pictures I've found on the web while on this quest to discover more about Steampunk and its growing sub-culture. One picture is worth one thousand words so I'll let you see what has inspired me to learn more and to start creating art in the Steampunk style.

 A Steampunk computer by creator Jake von Slatt

Steampunke iPod by creative artist Oscar Blanco

Steampunk USB Flashdrive by Artype on etsy

 Great Steampunk Frock Coats by Kristi Smart

 A Steampunk pendant using old watch parts by nouveaumotley at etsy

A Steampunk cuff bracelet by Perseph

Steampunk Fashion - web photo from Neo-Victorian Living blog

Oh, by the way - I finally started to read STEAMED - A Steampunk Romance by Katie MacAlister.  A modern hunky techno geek finds himself in a Steampunk world after a lab explosion in his time transports him to a lady captain's airship.  She's all decked out in her traditional woolen Victorian Aerocorps uniform and he sporting a black tee-shirt with a logo on the back for a band called "Airship Pirate"...

 Grins and Giggles, 
 Evelyn (EKDuncan)