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1829 Regency Fashions - Ackermann's Repository of Fashion

I've spent the better part of 2011 posting a large assortment of Regency Era images from  
"Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce,   
Manufacturers, Fashion and Politics"
This publication ran for 20 years so there were a lot of images to post.
(See my posts from July 2011 - January 2012 to see them all)

Well, what you might not know was that for one year (1829) 
there was a spin-off  of just fashions that was simply titled 
"Ackermann's Repository of Fashion"
and that is what this post is about.

Some of the Lovely Fashions for 1829

The Original  
Ackermann's Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, 
Manufacturers, Fashion and Politics
 ran from 1809-1828 and one of it's most popular monthly items were the fashion plates.

In the final December 1828 issue of Ackermann's a public notice was put forth explaining that the Repository was ending with that issue and that in 1829 there was to be a new publication for fashions simply called "Ackermann's Repository of Fashion".

This is the notice that appeared in the last 1828 issue of Ackermann's Repository of Arts...
giving notice that going forward there would be an new publication of Fashion in it's place.


I don't know a lot about the 1829 Ackermann's Repository of Fashion;
since I've only found bits and pieces of it by searching the web.
However I thought if others are like me and love the fashions from the
Repository of Arts they too might like to see some of what Ackermann's published in 1829.
This will give you a little idea of what the issues were like in 1829.

I've found a fair number of 1829 fashion plates at  Google books
and 6 more over at Claremont Colleges Digital Library

The Google Book images are low quality but they do give us an idea of what
the fashions plates looked like and your can read the pages from
the issues on-line; so this is a great resource find for that alone.
I've adjusted them so they have more of a "period" look and also added a 
pretty frame to give them and EKDuncan touch just for the grins and giggles of it.

The 6 plates from Claremont Colleges are excellent quality
(when you download the Large version of the file)
and they are well documented on their website below each print.
 I highly recommend this site for not just Ackermann Fashions but to also give you 
a taste of other vintage fashion plates from other publications. 
HERE is a link directly to their full gallery of 19th century fashions.


Ackermann's Repository of Fashion - 1829

Cover for the 1st issue of Ackermann's Repository of Fashion
The cover for the new Repository of Fashion was quite plane as compared
to the covers that graced the pages of Ackermann's Repository of Arts...

1817 - Example of a cover page for Ackermann's  Repository of Arts...


 January 1829

Compared to Ackermann's Repository of Arts; the Repository of Fashion was not
a very large publication. However where each issue of the Repository of Arts had only 2 fashion plates This new Fashion publication had 4.  And some of those plates had multiple figures, so even more fashions for one's viewing pleasure.  Included for each costume was a detailed description then each issue concluded with a lengthy article of "general" observations of fashion and a needlework pattern.
All this for the small fee of 2s - 2 shillings per issue. 

It's interesting to note that Ackermann's Repository of Fashion used both 
hand-colored plates as well as black and white fashion illustrations this 
time round; something that the other fashion magazine had done for some time.

There are times I have posted both versions of the fashion plates I have.
The crisper detailed versions on the parchment looking paper are from
 Claremont Colleges Digital Library  There are only 6 of these images; but they are
so beautiful and the most original in looks that I had to post them for you to see.

Version 1 - based on the CCDL image

Version 2 - based on the Google Books version of the above print

Version 1 - based on the CCDL version

Version 2 - based on the Google Books version of the above print

A Black and White Fashion Print

Another Black and White Fashion print

February 1829

For February we are graced with several beautiful styles.
There is even a some costume ideas for a fancy dress ball or
masquerade - in the regional style of Naples & Rome.

The red morning dress is missing from Google Books but my other source had it.
I also believe Google books is missing the Parisian Fashion plate.
There is a written description is for a Parisian Dinner Dress "standing" and for a
The Parisian Evening Dress with figure sitting but this plate do not appear to be present.

Google books did not show this plate but luckily CCDL had it. - English Style.

English Dinner Dress

Italian Costumes for a Fancy Dress Ball or Masquerade

The "Missing" February Fashion Plate
Parisian Evening and Dinner Dresses
 I located this image on a booksellers website so it is not a good
working copy which is a shame since the dresses are so pretty.
I'll keep trying to find a better copy of it and post it, if I do.
(image from White Fox Rare Books and Antiques - 1829 Ackermann's Repository of Fashion)

March 1829

English Dinner Dress in Black and White

Description for the above Dinner Dress
 I'm fascinated by the verbiage of the Regency and like to post an authentic
description on occasion.  I though you might enjoy reading this one too;
especially since the fashion plate itself is in black and white.

English Opera Dress

Parisian Fashions: Both are Carriage Dresses

Dresses for a Fancy Dress Ball - in the style of the 18th and 16th Centuries

April 1829

For April there are another 4 lovely fashion plates.
Two separate ones in the English style.  One plate in the French style showing
two Ball Dresses and then one Costume for a Fancy Dress Ball in a Turkish-Sultana style.

English Style Dinner Dress

Ackermann's Description for the above Dinner Dress

Ball Dress in the English Style

French Fashions - Parisian Ball Dresses

Masquerade or Fancy Ball Dress  - "Sultana" Turkish Costume

May 1829

 There should be two English fashion plates this issue; however the English
style Dinner Dress seems to be missing from the Google Books file.
We still have the opportunity to see the English Morning Dress, the
Parisian Evening Dresses and Costumes in the style of the court of Henry the VII.

Once again I had two versions of one of the plates (Parisian Evening Dresses)
so I have posted them both for your viewing pleasure.

Morning Dress in the English Style

French Fashions - Version 1 - from CCDL

French Fashions - Version 2 - from Google Books

Henry VII Court Costumes for a Fancy Dress Ball

June 1829

We seem to be missing the fashion plate for an English Evening Dress this go round.
I have duplicates for two of the other fashion plates though and we have another
Fancy Dress Ball set of costumes - this time for the reign of Henry the VIII.

Version 1 - This is a higher resolution scan of the original and has sharper features.

Version 2 from Google Books is not as "sharp" in the details - in my humble opinion

Version 1 - This is a higher resolution scan of the original and has sharper features.

Version 2 from Google Books is not as "sharp" in the details - in my humble  opinion

Costumes in the mode of Henry VIII for a Fancy Dress Ball

July 1829

We have several plates with double beauties this time out.
No fancy costumes for July; however we are once again missing a fashion
plate - the last one.  It should be for an Evening Dress with only one model.

English Styled Evening Dress and Carriage Dress

French Style  - Public Promenade Dress and Walking Costume

Walking Dress in a Grecian Pattern with Lemon colored gloves

August 1829

We are lucky indeed to have all four of the fashion plates for August.
We even have a lovely albeit a black and white rendition of an English style wedding dress.
I've posted the description of it so you can read all the details about it.

English Style Wedding Dress

Ackermann's Description for the above Wedding Dress

English Style Dinner Dress

French Style Evening Dress and Dinner Party Dress

Morning Dress and Public Promenade Dress

September 1829

I only have 3 fashion plates for this issue.

An English Walking Dress appears to be missing from the group;
however, we are still able to enjoy several other lovely plates including
the last with 3 figures on one plate.

English Style Evening Dress

French Style: Full Dress Evening Costume and Ball Dress

Walking dress - Evening Dress - Carriage Dress

Currently I'm not finding any images for October, November or December 1829;
so I'm not sure if the issues ended in September or if there are more to still be found.

From what I can discover on the web Mr. Rudolf Ackermann suffered some serious losses due to poor investments in South America.  By 1828 he was working long hours just to try and keep his publishing company up and running and this adversely effected his health.  Then in January 1830 he suffered a stroke.  It is my understanding that shortly after the Repository of Fashion merged with La Belle Assemblee.

Luckily for us the Repository of Arts had a good long run and we have
been fortunate enough to still have many of those images today.

Please remember that you can read all the descriptions and  "observations" about
English and French fashions by going to Google Books - HERE


I hope you have enjoyed this one last look into the wonderful world
of Fashions from Ackermann's Repository but don't despair...

 Join me next time as I go back a little farther in time to the 1770's - 1780's
and French styles and the look of  Marie Antoinette.
I think you will find this new series to be quite fun indeed.

Till then


  1. Hello!
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    I am always so moved when I see old fashion plates.It's like coming in the past.
    Many many many thanks!

    1. Hi Sylvie - It's so good to hear from you again.
      Thanks for all the kind words, they make me smile.

      I love these old fashion plates too, and I'm thrilled to
      present them in a new way to share with others.

      Wishing you all my best,