Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dancing Marie #1 - The Fountain of Youth

I've taken several of my favorite "Opera Costumes"  from the previous post, 
altered them and then created fun artwork to show them off.

Though this images are not of Queen Marie Antoinette herself; 
they are in that same great French style, so I have dubbed this series of ladies
 the "Dancing Maries" in her honor.

Here is the First Dancing Marie in the series.

Marie - Dancing at the Fountain of Youth
If you take a close look at this Marie Antoinette looking lady you will probably notice that she looks quite a bit younger and thinner than the original image I started with. Factor in that she dances with a mirror and... I was inspired to create this fun "Fountain of Youth" scene for her.

This is the original version I started with


While removing her background and "cleaning" her up a bit; I also played around with her appearance and discovered in the "new" version she seems to have lost about 10 or so years.  
Now if we could just do that in real life with a few clicks of the mouse wouldn't that be grand.

Once I had her in a png format, I started playing around with various colorized versions for 
her dress and in the end I had a whole chorus line of these Dancing Maries to play with.  

So here they all are in various colors,  "ages" and some slightly "narrower" than others.

Dancing Marie #1

This is the Original Dancing Marie with Mirror

New Pink and Green version - Older Queen

New Pink & Green version - Younger Queen and thinner
This is the version I used in the artwork "Fountain of Youth"

Green - Older Queen

Green and Lilac - Older but a bit thinner too

Green and Lilac - Younger

Lilac Queen - Older but thinner

Lilac Queen - Younger

Periwinkle Version - Older but thinner

Spring Rose Queen

Rose Queen - thinner than the original version

Silver Queen

Blue and Yellow Queen


Now about the "Fountain of Youth" scene

I used the Pink and Green "younger" version of Marie from above and coupled her with an Ackermann's Repository background; along with a few fun elements to pull it all together.
 The pattern used to make the floor and the butterflies are from PaperWhimsy
(I have modified those images in both color and appearance to work with my scene.)

Other Elements
1821 Fountain Design from Ackermann's Repository
This and other Gardens and Landscapes from the Regency Era 
Ackermann's Repository can be seen HERE

And to finish it all off this vintage frame.
Frame from my antique frame collection


Join me next time for Dancing Maire #2

Teaser of the next Marie - Maire  #2 
The Gothic Arch on the above "teaser" is from PaperWhimsy

Till then...


  1. Thanks for sharing another lovely series of fabulous Maries with us Evelyn!

    1. You are more than welcome Ira!

      Thanks for letting me know you like them.


  2. I couldn't wait to come back this morning and see what new Marie you would create. These are gorgeous and I love all the different colors for her dress. I'm now looking forward to the next post with the arch......your work is truly wonderful!

    1. Thanks so much Terri - I am having fun with my Maries!

      The lady inside of the Arch is the Marie I'll post about next. Then later on I'll do a post about the Maries in the arches - since there will be a total of 3 of those "teasers" appearing over the next few days.

      Grins and Giggles,

  3. Hello,
    Wonderful! What beautiful colors! What beautiful dresses too!
    I love also the 3D effect in the frame and the the flight of delicate butterflies.
    Thank so much!

    1. Thank you for all the kind words Sylvie!

      This scene one was a lot of fun to do and I adore those butterflies from PaperWhimsy - I've used them several times in my digital art projects.

      I also enjoyed seeing the various ways I could alter this Marie in both the color of her dress and the way her face appears.