Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't be fooled by Imitations - I have an Impostor!

Hi there to all you lovely followers of my blog here at 

I want to report a naughty, naughty event 
and warn any of you other bloggers 
that if it happened to me, it might happen to you too.

I used one of the 1824 Ackermann Repository Fashion plates to create this fun piece.
Yup - my title bar is correct!
Believe it or not... I have an Impostor -
or as they might have said in Regency times a "Poser".

This individual for some unbeknownst reason has 
"borrowed, lifted, taken, usurped, hijacked"
150 of my EKDuncan posts (word for word and picture by picture)
 from my blog here at and 
plunked them straight onto their own blog 
(FYI - this site is full of ad pop-up and re-direct windows - don't go there)

At first I was unsure why anyone would do this...
but after my hubby took a look and I might have my answer.
It looks like "pirating" my post to their blog is a lure for the
"Link Spamming" activity they currently have going on at that blogspot account.
probably to get revenue off all those pop-ups I mentioned above.

 (I did not realize this originally since I have Adblock protection 
on my computer and did not see any pop-up ads nor was I 
"re-directed"  to these ad sites when I went my pirated post on their blog)

I wanted those who follow my blog to know that I am:
                                            1 - Aware that this has happened.
                                            2 - Have left comments on several of those posts,
                                                   politely asking the individual to remove them.
                                            3- Am in the process of finding out from Blogger 
                                                what can be done to removed the 150 "lifted" posts 
                                                and also what can be done to keep this from 
                                                happening to me or another blogger in the future.
                                            4- I have also reported that blogspot to Blogger for Spamming. 
                                            5- My hubby has contacted GoDaddy to inform them this
                                                individual is routing the spamming activity through them.
                                            6- My hubby has also contacted Google AdSense
                                                 to inform them of the same.

Now it's a waiting game.


Oh and if you are wondering how I found out about it...
I was surfing about when I spotted one of my "framed" creations. 
On Google Images but it did not show that it was from my blog.
 This image showed a different blog housed it so,
curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the image.  
( I figured someone was just referencing my blog or one post.)
To my shock I discovered a good majority of my blog, post for post, 
word for word, picture for picture was on this other persons blog.

So far they have 150 of my posts as lures for their spamming operation.

The image I spotted on Google Images was HERE 
and it took me to this page
(don't go there unless you use Adblock or something like it since this blog 
and all the links on it will create pop-up windows and re-directs to 
ad sites. And all that does is make this guy $$$$$)


This has made me sad!
Mourning Dress from 1811 Ackermann's Repository

 As you know from all the lovely images 
I have been posting; I'm one who likes to share.  
I don't hoard and keep thing just for myself; 
I want others to enjoy them too.

I love that people enjoy my blog and they are more than welcome to reference it, 
link back to it, use items from it (please list credit as a courtesy if you do so).

I want the images I post to be used, downloaded and shared 
since that is one of the points to having a blog.

I just don't want my posts to be taken in their entirety, blogpost 
for blogpost for months on end and be place onto another blog 
as if it were the work of that other person... As if they were me.
And then to discover my posts are the lure for their nefarious purposes - It's just wrong!
 It's one thing that many of my posts are over on that other blog;
but the fact that he is using my posts as lures to spam other or that he has
the potential to eventually starts blogging about hateful topics, 
such as racist remarks, child pornography or other vulgar items.  I don't
want the risk that others might confuse that other persons and
their spamming or potentially harmful posts with me personally;
which could happen considering that 150 of my
"word for word" posts are on that samudro-beautifulart blog
(So in a nutshell - that is my complaint.)

Be warned that there are various kinds of identity theft 
including of all things... blogposts.

Though this experience has not left me feeling 
very cheerful; I wish all of you...

I'll be back soon with more fun images and  
EKDuncan originals, so please keep checking back.


  1. Hello,
    I just read this article, and I am so sad for you!
    When I see things like that, I'm glad my blogs are private.
    So it makes me angry to see such things.
    I hope this blog will be eliminated.
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Sylvie -

      Yes, it's sad but that is the way of technology.
      My hope is that the issue will soon be resolved and
      I thank you for your support and well wishes.

      On an up note, I guess it is a backhanded complement
      that this person "took" my posts... in a warped and
      twisted sort of way.

      After all it is better to laugh than cry.

      All my best,

  2. Well so far this "naughty" blog is still up and running.
    I started the DMCA process with Blogger today - let's see if that works.

    - Evelyn