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Regency England Landmarks - from Ackermann's Repository

One of the constants to be expected in the pages of Ackermann's Repository was the hand colored plates of well known places in and around London; including buildings, parks and streets.  Ackermann's Repository had a subscription base that reached into the remote areas of the British Empire and foreign shores so they wanted to keep their readers appraised as to the look and goings on in that capital city.

I find these images to be an amazing snapshot of the true look of what 
Regency England was like and hope you enjoy seeing them too.

The London Museum at Piccadilly aka Bullock's Museum

Each of these hand-colored print would be accompanied by an article about the building shown; 
therefore educating the public a bit about the numerous landmarks in and around London.
This was the accompanying article in Ackermann's Repository

Here is a look at some of the Popular Landmarks and Places of the day.

1810 - The India House on Leadenhall St

1811 - Ironmonger Hall

 1811 - Lansdown House Berkley Sq

1811 - Bullion Yard - Bank of England

1811 - Carlton House

1811 - Russell Institution

1811 - Warwick House

1812 - St James Palace

1812 - The Monument

1812 - The New - Drury Lane Theater

1812 - Royal Exchange

1813 - London Commercial Sale Rooms

1813 - The British Museum.

1814 - The Old Bailey

1814 - The Pantheon

1814 - Buckingham Stairs Water Gate

1814 - London Bridge

1814 - St James Park - Bridge & Pagoda

1814 - Temple of Concord & Pagoda

1815 - St Luke's Hospital

1815 - Town Hall - Southwark

1815 - Blackfriers Bridge

1815 - Bullock's Museum

1815 Mercer's Hall

1816 Banqueting House - Whitehall

1816 New Custom House

1817 Vauxhall Bridge

1817 Westminster Penitentiary

1817 New Bethlem Hospital

1819 Royal Waterloo Bath

1822 Itallian Opera House - London

1827 Ackermann's Repository Building

1828 St Catherine's Hospital - Regents Park

Join me again next time for a few glimpses into  some of the Landmark interiors.

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