Saturday, October 29, 2011

Regency Ladies in a Midnight Garden by EKD

I thought I'd create another fun digital piece of artwork using some more of these great Ackermann Repository images.  This time I've used one of the garden scenes from a country seat and two of the lovely Ackermann fashion plates.  

Regency Ladies in a Midnight Garden - by EKDuncan
Halloween is almost upon us; so I thought I'd give it all a bit of a Gothic feel by using these specific images.  The ruins on the Frogmore estate were the perfect backdrop for my midnight garden and I adore the lady with the cross as my main figure in the scene.  She looked a bit lonely out there by herself so I popped in a companion for her back on the trail so she would not be frightened.

Grins, Goblins and a
Happy Halloween to you all!

Here are the items I used to create the above scene.

I created png images from the original Ackermann fashion plates
so the ladies can now be easily used in digital artwork compositions.

My main lady is from 1827.  
The big cross she wears seemed to tie in so well with the Gothic ruins behind her.

The original version of this and other Regency ladies of 1827 fashion 
from Ackermann's Repository can be found by clicking HERE.

For her companion I chose this lovely lady.

The Original version and other Ackermann Repository Regency 
fashions from 1817 can be seen by clicking HERE.

 This image of the Ruins of Frogmore gave me a great Gothic backdrop.  

To see this and other Regency Era Country Seat images from Ackermann's click HERE

This is what the image looked like after a bit of manipulating in Photoshop.
Now I have a more subdued backdrop for my midnight scene.
There are just so many fun things that can be done with all the amazing images from 
Ackermann's Repository.  I love using them to create digital art scenes in Photoshop
and I hope you guys will use them too.

Here are a few more links for other EKDuncan Artwork
I've created using the Ackermann images.

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Ackermann Repository images I've posted.

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There is still more Ackermann's to come...
Curtains and Furniture Plates will be posted soon so please visit again.

 Till next time...


  1. A friend sent me a link to your blog, and I'm so glad she did! You do beautiful work!

  2. Hey Maggie - I'm glad you came along for the ride.

    My muse likes to take me down all sorts of wonderful paths. Right now, she is enjoying a lengthy stay in the Regency period thanks to the great images I've found via the 200 year old publications of Ackermann's Repository.